Our mission

Humankind is currently facing worldwide environmental issues and health epidemics that threaten the stability of our planet. In fact, many of the factors that endanger the environment and those that harm human health have the same causes. One such cause is the widespread use of chemicals in agriculture and food production, namely fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics. Although these chemicals are used to increase food production for the needs of the growing population, it is now well known that they can significantly contaminate water and soil, threatening the biodiversity of the environment, and can also enter the food web, posing serious risks to human health.

Green Care for Global Health aims to explore strategies and develop technologies for producing healthy foods that promote human health while also protecting the environment. Using longevity zones as a model, we are identifying new food resources based on their nutritional value and sustainability, and will evaluate their impact on longevity and health. To counteract the prevalence of pollution, we are developing practical, preventive care for people at risk for pollution-induced diseases. Other relevant projects we are pursuing include the promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and non-drug-based therapies.

The overall mission of Green Care for Global Health is to enable healthy agriculture, healthy nutrition, and healthy people. Together with members of academia, the government, and the agriculture and food industries, our efforts to implement green care both in the environment and in human health will ultimately improve the sustainability of our Earth.